Council clean Up?

Council clean Up?

May 12, 2022

Ever wondered what the term ‘clean up’ actually means? When you stack your old wares on the kerbside, it means your residence has been cleaned up of waste, but this is not the case for councils. The ‘clean up’ or waste still needs to go somewhere and unfortunately much of it is shredded and ends up in landfill.

However, wanting to find alternatives to short term solutions, Bathurst Council in regional New South Wales decided to get savvy about the way they view waste management. Listening to their residents and analysing their operations and the variety of items they are faced to dispose of, these two councils understood the amount of kilograms of textiles were sent to their depots each week.

Speaking to the team at TRA, they learnt that if they were able to keep the textiles separate from other waste products, then the majority of materials could be recycled. We are proud to say that TRA now provides the councils with textile bins for residents to sort their unwanted clothing, bedding and furnishings, as they do their cardboard and plastics.

TRA was able to support Bathurst Council in the first regional pilot of its kind, keeping 1,600 kilograms of textiles out of landfill in the first month and continuing this process each month keeping many more tonnes of textiles out of conventional waste streams.

Ryde Council, also looking for ways to recycle their industrial textile waste, contacted TRA to learn more about how the flags and banners they have customised for events in the area could be environmentally disposed of. The answer? Recycling. Like the other industrial materials TRA recycles and upcycles, Ryde Council now includes TRA in their supply chain.

If you are are part of a council and would like to learn more about textile solutions simply email us at

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