TRAKS the recycling program for the furnishings industry

TRAKS the recycling program for the furnishings industry

May 26, 2022

TRAKS the Recycling Program for the Furnishings Industry

TRAKS isn’t spelt like that – yes you would be correct if you thought we couldn’t spell. However Textile Recyclers Australia’s (TRA) new partnership is with the environmental agency Karie Soehardi Consultancy (KS). The TRAKS TEXTILE program keeps textile waste out of landfill which are then processed and upcycled into yarns for new furnishings.

To date, there hadn’t been commercial recycling capabilities for rugs in Australia and as a result, many rugs and furnishing textiles have been commonly incinerated or thrown into skip bins for landfill. Knowing it to be a great problem, industry brand owners have gotten behind the cause to help solve the disposing of unwanted textiles sustainably. Brands such as James Dunlop Textiles, Armadillo, Tribe Home and Kvadrat Maharam (to name a few) have become great advocates of the TRAKS programs and spreading awareness, referring to their own clientele and networks.

The team at TRAKS are also in talks with New South Wales and Victorian councils to see if these textiles can be collected and sorted for commercial recycling. Still in early stages the learnings of the first year, will help set up a streamlined process for the venture.

By recycling unwanted textiles, jobs are being created both locally and abroad. The textile industry’s carbon footprint is being reduced, the use of natural resources reduced and the market will be able to command recycled yarn at a cost effective price, due to volume and command.

TRAKS is also reporting on how many tonnes of textiles are being kept out of landfill.

To date only rugs can be accepted by the general public via but understanding that there is a need for curtains, cushions and other furnishings to also be disposed of sustainably, the team are currently researching options to pilot.

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