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Recycling Pick-Up

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  • Let us arrange a textile pick-up of the clothing, linen and textiles you want to recycle
  • We accept up to 25 kg a box (Max Length 50cm x Width 40cm × Height 40cm)
  • Place your order for a pick-up through our website
  • You will receive a label by email to fix to the box. Our $24 fee includes shipping
  • Your clothing and textiles will be delivered to one of our depots
  • Please note we are a recycling company, not a waste stream
  • Costs associated are for sorting, processing and recycling whilst keeping locals employed
  • Please understand that we cannot take contaminated or under garments

An unwanted pile of garments

The problem and the solution

Australians throw out an approx 25kg of textiles per year into landfill. The guilt surrounding lack of options to recycle can now be subsided.

Recycling not waste

It can get confusing. What is the difference between waste streams and recycling? A lot actually. Unlike waste there are many processes involved in recycling.

Empowered as a consumer

TRA appreciates your effort in recycling your unwanted textiles. There is a long road ahead as we recycle instead of dispose. Thank you for being part of change.

Why am I being charged?

TRA is not a charity, but an organisation working towards the circular economy. We process unwanted apparel and textiles to turn them back into new yarn for new products. Here are some points to consider when enquiring about our services.

Our service is at a cost because we are a business that employs staff locally and abroad to sort, clean, shred and process unwanted textiles. We do not receive subsidies from governments or councils to do the work we do. Our service is recycling, not a conventional waste stream.

Please respect our team members with your enquiries as we respect yours.

What clothes can not be used?

TRA cannot take underwear, metallics, blockout curtains, textiles that have bodily stains or other contaminations.

Yes, we can take worn out clothes as they are processed and shredded. This is ideal for clothes that you cannot donate to charities but please note contaminated clothes are not accepted.
Again it is important that goods are not contaminated, we can process old bedding and pillows. If in doubt please share photos with us before booking.
If textiles are worn or slightly dirty, we can accept them. However we cannot accept moth or insect infested textiles, contaminated (including bodily liquids) and undergarments.

TRA does not handle textile waste but recycles unwanted textiles that are of a clean condition, regardless how worn. If in doubt please contact us before booking.

Currently there are several depots locally. Much processing is done locally however options are also available overseas depending on the type of materials being assessed for recycling. TRA does not add to other countries' waste streams. Site visits are available in Sydney and Melbourne.
TRA proudly documents our supply chain. We also have case studies with many of our customers who have asked for circular solutions. Videos can be found on this site, showing a variety of processes in our supply chain.
Yes, by recycling you are keeping fibres out of landfill that can be repurposed instead of using virgin materials and resources. Textile engineering can be tough on the planet by recycling energy use and water is lessened.
Australians throw out an approximate 25kgs of textiles per year into landfill. This does not tend to breakdown easily, as even if it is a natural fibre, the soil found in landfill is of bad quality not allowing the ventilation for natural fibres to break down easily. By recycling you are supporting our environment, as you do with paper, cardboard and plastics at home.

Do you have more than 80kg of textile waste for pick-up?

Make an enquiry to discuss how we can arrange a textile pick-up of your larger volumes of clothing, linen and textiles you want to recycle.

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