Sustainable uniform destruction

Branded materials and uniforms are responsibly deconstructed.

At TRA we are helping Australia’s largest organisations keep unwanted pre and post-worn uniforms out of landfill. Greatly reducing the impact on the environment.

Many organisations supply uniforms to their teams. When the uniforms have been used or there is a rebrand, businesses are left wondering what to do with the attire. By upcycling uniforms, we give responsible companies and schools a solution to recycle, support the circular economy. As you can see below, uniforms are cleaned and shredded. These fibres are then spun into new yarn.

Textiles are shredded and processed to then be upcycled as new fibres

Brands currently using our Uniform program

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The what and how

Many are confused about the difference between waste and recycling. Even though unwanted textiles are termed as ‘waste’, the outcome of waste streams and recycling are two different things. Waste equates to landfill or burning and recycling creates ‘second-life’ solutions.

Environmental benefits

TRA proudly weighs and documents the amount of kilograms kept out of landfill each month. Sharing this important information with our customers to educate their team and customers. The supply chain is transparent as the solutions for types of materials are found, protecting our planet and people from textile pollution.

Case Studies

Branded uniforms and merchandise can cause a concern for businesses as people come and go or brand identity changes. Talk to us about current case studies offering solutions to your unused garments.

The reason why businesses recycle their uniforms with us

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Uniform industry experience

TRA not only is known for recycling uniforms, the two founders worked within the uniform market for many years. Having developed uniform compositions, treatments and dyes directly, makes TRA the most trusted recycling company since 2014.

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Over 60 years experience

Collectively in the textiles industry and a dedicated team that care about the positive change they are contributing to the planet, through the work that they do each day.

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Expertise and know-how

Natural, synthetic, mixed, treatment, engineered, coatings, dyes, pigments and composition. These terms are important in textiles and especially when it comes to recycling or upcycling. TRA’s foundation is based on years of this experience.

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Reputation and team

The textile industry spans the globe. And so do the relationships and network TRA has. Caring for what they do, TRA is known for service, collaboration and transparency. This is why both customers and suppliers only want to work with TRA.

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Recycling is just one solution but many more avenues need to be found to solve the problem of textile waste. TRA lead the path through a dedicated research and development department, constantly on the search for new innovations that support the circular economy.

Like to recycle and repurpose those old uniforms?

We are here to support your own sustainable uniform destruction program.

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