Our mission

Keeping textiles out of landfill, whilst investing in circular solutions.

Tonne by tonne, the mission is simple but monumental –
Keep textiles out of landfill whilst working in partnerships to find circular solutions for textile waste.

Unfortunately the textile industry is still the second largest polluting sector in the world. However, many who work within it are collaborating in research and innovation that can remove this mantle from our industry and offer channels for waste to become a resource.

By recycling textile waste we are able to reduce the amount of water and energy used in producing virgin products. The use of recycled fibres is the key to change.

Our story

Once there was a Textile Engineer and a Fashion Executive who sat down over a cup of coffee and wondered about the amount of textiles that were being sent to the tip! Surely there had to be other options…

After several (actually many) more coffees, Maureen Taylor and Ben Kaminsky concluded that if there wasn’t a company out there, who was recycling textiles, then they were going to have to do it themselves.

And so Textile Recyclers Australia was formed.

Several years and two depots later, with a multitude of fashion, uniform and bedding clients, Textile Recyclers Australia (TRA) has become a known and trusted name in the industry.

The duo with over 60 years experience collectively in textile knowledge and know-how has grown the entity Textile Recyclers Australia Group, from strength to strength. With services including apparel, uniform and furnishing recycling, research and development, local government projects, plant-based packaging and take back services.

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Our founders

Maureen and Ben are the heart of TRA; they are driven by purpose and hard work, always finding ways to make textile waste an asset.

Maureen Taylor

Maureen has always loved the way things work. Her experience as dyehouse technician, textile engineer, buyer and R&D manager gives her a unique set of expert qualities.

What she has gained over the past 30 years includes:

  • Insight into textile composition and deconstruction
  • Knowledge of pigments and dyes
  • Strong relationships with suppliers and buyers across the supply chain
  • Being known as a straight shooter who just wants to get the job done!

Ben Kaminsky

Ben’s love of textiles stems from working in the local family manufacturing facility. Gaining experience from development through to final garment, he then turned his entrepreneurial eye to the business of fashion.

What he has gained over the past 30 years includes:

  • Strong long term supplier relationships across Japan, China, India and other Asian countries
  • Genuine network of textile brand owners across Australia
  • Long standing relationships with academia and government
  • And just being known as an all round good guy!

Our charities

TRA proudly supports various charities and fundraising activities within the community, providing both financial and hands-on assistance. TRA’s participation reinforces our company ethics and morals. We care for the environment, respect, care and support people. Believing the underprivileged need support to empower themselves as they rebuild their lives.

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Our partners

Our partners include fashion, uniform and furnishings stakeholders to collaborators in development and innovation. These partners care that textiles have a second life in the forms of recycling and upcycling.

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60 years collective
experience in the

textile industry

Our depth of knowledge supports a circular textile industry.

From Qantas uniform development, Bonds Hypercolour technology to recycling textiles when no one knew how to.

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