We aren’t just satisfied with the status quo

Our commitment to textile reuse, recycling, and upcycling includes our investment in Research & Development.

The textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world.
This requires multiple solutions for such a huge problem.

Integral to recycling, reuse and upcycling is research and development. Understanding how textile ‘waste’ can be utilised as an asset is vital.
Our commitment to the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) at UNSW Sydney will help us optimise our pathways to reform unwanted textiles in Australia.

TRA proudly works with the UNSW SM@RT Centre and is the nominated textiles supplier for the Green Ceramic™️.

In addition to this initiative we also have research and development pathways with other universities such as RMIT and Deakin.


A green material if truly sustainable, includes the equality and respect of those that make the product.


Research and development commitments include ‘closed loop’ concepts for the greater good of the earth and the generations that will follow.

Micro level

Our R&D is tested at a micro level to grow into a commercial capacity and alleviate the pressure on traditional waste streams, as they too research alternatives to landfill and burning.

Solutions for the future

Many solutions are needed to the textile waste we currently are faced with. Utilising textiles as an asset in a variety of materials that can be dismantled at the ‘end of life’ cycle is important.


We cannot wait for legislation to make change in the textile industry. It is through business and ‘grass roots’ that innovation is happening. The way we produce, dispose and educate our customers, will create a tipping point for the market. By being accountable as an organisation or as a consumer we have the power to make this change and prove cases to the government.

If you want your business to start on its recycling and repurposing journey, get in touch, as we collaborate we will find the very solutions that are right for your business and help support the necessary change our industry needs.

Our partners

Below are some of Textile Recyclers Australia (TRA) Research and Development collaborators.

Have an idea?

We make sure that all products meet International Standards and other green credentials for the safety and health of all. Many solutions will support the circular economy and closed loop principles in textile manufacturing. We are constantly studying and researching new innovations.

Collaboration is key to change in the textile industry. If you have an idea or concept that you need support with, TRA has the network and capabilities to investigate possibilities with you further.
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