dead stock

The season is over but stock levels
are high

As we all know, no one has a crystal ball when it comes to trends. Yet this isn’t consoling when you have overstocks from the past season. Avenue to sell garments on are becoming more difficult and the retailer needs channels so garments don’t end up in landfill. TRA can support recycling avenues that are genuine and transparent. We supply documents of destruction and ask about our options for second life solutions.

Upcycling into
new products

The latest trend in fashion is –
you guessed it, recycled!

We understand how fashion works, we’ve been in it our entire careers. People adore fashion but the ugly side of fashion simply isn’t acceptable anymore. True beauty has its own aesthetic and it is one that is genuine, sustainable and innovative. Recycling to then upcycle into new garments is the way forward for all apparel. Brands that we work with on these processes include:

  • Sheridan
  • Uniqlo
  • Commonry

Take back

Do you responsibly discard
of uniforms?

Being responsible for textile waste reduction means taking back unwanted garments from your customers, we believe that it should be any garments – as long as they are not soiled or contaminated. By doing this your brand is keeping apparel out of landfill and having it processed and reintroduced into the production cycle for new garments made out of recycled yarn. 

If you are interested in having a collection point in your stores and or warehouses, get in touch with us.

Our retail clients

How it works

Retailers are making themselves responsible for the waste created by the rag-trade. By having TRA pop up bins within your stores enables shoppers to discard of clothes they no longer want sustainably.

Environmental benefits

Recycling has many environmental advantages. Reducing textile waste in landfill. The stop to the use of virgin materials and solutions that are circular for new products.

Case studies

TRA is proudly working with Sheridan on their recycling program. Sheridan believes that it is their responsibility to their customers and the environment to take back textile waste. In both boutique and outlet stores the retailer takes back old sheets and towels of any brand. These textiles are then processed and repurposed as new yarn.

Why retailers work with TRA

The company has been working with retailers for end of life cycle solutions such as recycling, upcycling and repurposing since 2014.

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Our processes are documented each step of the way.

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Through recycling, garments are kept out of landfill and moved into the circular economy.

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TRA is at the forefront of innovative environmental solutions. Collaborating with academia and other businesses to find pathways for textile waste.

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At TRA appreciate genuine relationships. Retailers value the service we deliver and the results we provide.

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Recycling is evolving, closed loop processes means a healthier planet, as we keep textiles out of landfill.

Are you a retailer looking to recycle your unwanted products?

Want these products to be part of the solution, not the problem?

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