From universities to corporations to fashion and workers

Textiles are the fabrication of our society

Many don’t realise it but textiles can be found nearly everywhere in our day-to-day lives. From usual suspects, to flags, banners and car tyre cords! Therefore disposing of unwanted materials can be a daunting process for those that aren’t directly in the trade. Textile recycling is not a waste stream, it is a process towards circular solutions. Our textile recycling program partners understand this and TRA supports them with solutions, recycling, repurposing and upcycling.

Many varied industries use textiles

We work with industry on processes tailored to the needs of the material.
Together we keep textiles out of landfill.


Uniforms and fashion make up a significant part of TRA’s customer base. Retailers such as Aldi, Woolworths and Blackwoods have their uniforms sustainably shredded through our services. Fashion customers include Seed, French Connection and Uniqlo. We also work with Sheridan on their Re-Thread Program, turning unwanted bed linen and towels into blankets and floor mats. Services for retailers include:

  • Take back bins on site
  • Processing and shredding of materials
  • New-life options
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Uniforms and apparel

Changes in trends, re-branding, old school and work uniforms, can cause concern when they are no longer wanted or needed. TRA proves time and again that our recycling processes serve towards a circular economy. You need to dispose of uniforms or fashion items but are not sure of next steps? Does the below sound familiar?

  • Warehouse has a variety of stock that is aged and can no longer be used
  • Print and Embroidery did not meet the required specification, now what do we do?
  • Old uniforms are being sent back but we can’t give old uniforms to new staff
  • Marketing has just rebranded and now uniforms are obsolete
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Work rooms on average have 10% waste that ends up on the cutting floor. If you are a local manufacturer and have textile waste i.e. scraps, old rolls of fabrics, discontinued lines etc. We can help

You are a manufacturer who uses textiles but don’t fit in either of the above categories? We can probably still help.

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Industrial textiles

You may produce a technical textile that is more for function than aesthetics. Banners, flags, netting, tarpaulins, the list goes on. TRA has extensive capabilities and a network that spans the textile recycling industry. Therefore if you have unwanted textiles but not sure how to dismantle your product and recycle it, we can quote you on tailored

  • Agriculture textiles
  • Medical textiles
  • Building and structural textiles
  • Transportation textiles
  • Hospitality textiles
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Councils and government

TRA already supports councils within our depots vicinities, we can also support state and federal governments towards solutions for textile waste. As the general public expects more than traditional waste streams, TRA can operationally support recycling. With nearly a decade of experience and reputable commercial customers, we can supply

  • Bin allocation, drop off and pick-ups
  • Competitive rates
  • Operational transparency
  • Quantifiable reporting of unwanted textile waste
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Schools and tertiary

Textile Recycling. How to. It sounds simple but we haven’t been taught how to recycle textiles. In a throw away society, many students have questions. We are able to help schools and tertiary establishments identify;

  • Textile assortments, fibres, treatments and finishes
  • Educate on the processes of textile recycling
  • Educate on what happens to textiles in landfill
  • How to look after your textiles, repair, reuse, maintain
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Sustainability managers

Sustainability Managers have a lot of areas to coordinate.
At TRA we can help you with recycling and textile circular solutions.

  • Keeping textiles out of landfill, we can quantify how many kilograms you have saved
  • Sustainable solutions for your old textiles are transparent
  • Recycling supply chains are part of TRAs network
  • We can help educate your team on textile recycling
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As other countries no longer take our waste, the government is focussed on local recycling capabilities.

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