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Throw away no more – recycle, reuse and upcycle for the future

Now more than ever, we have a duty of care to the generations that will succeed us. As we and generations before us have depleted the planet of resources. Our responsibility is to develop solutions to address the environment’s imbalance. The only way forward is to utilise a mixture of skill sets and innovations, recycle, upcycle and reuse materials.

Uniform recycling

Supporting the uniform industry to dispose of pre-worn and post-worn uniforms.

At TRA we are helping Australia’s largest organisation’s keep unwanted pre and post worn uniforms out of landfill. Greatly reducing the impact on the environment.

By upcycling these uniforms we are able to create a resource for new products. Uniforms are shredded and repurposed as yarn. Many large organisations are already committed to keeping textiles out of landfill.

Our clients include:

  • Aldi
  • Bizwear
  • Fashion Biz
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The latest trend in fashion is – you guessed it, recycled!

We understand how fashion works, we’ve been in it our whole careers. People adore fashion but the ugly side of beauty has always been waste and now there is a movement that is sustainable and innovative. Recycling to then upcycle into new garments is the way forward for all apparel. Brands that we work with include:

  • Sheridan
  • Uniqlo
  • Seed
  • Commonry
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Our solutions for textiles include:

Research and development of sustainable concepts allows materials a second life cycle by utilising textile waste as a compositional resource.

Textile Recyclers Australia-product concept

Product concept for second life cycle

Textile Recyclers Australia-icon textile-type

Type of textile for product is identified

Textile Recyclers Australia-icon prototype

Prototypes created of product

Textile Recyclers Australia-icon commercial

Products commercial capability tested.
Enters the market.

Unwanted garments are processed then spun into recycled yarn for ‘new’ apparel. Making the fibres a valuable resource in fashion.

Textile Recyclers Australia-icon-shirt

Worn garments
are sorted

icon garment

Garments are
shredded into fibres

Textile Recyclers Australia-icon-woven

Fibres are spun to create yarn

Textile Recyclers Australia-icon-yarn

Yarn is woven to create new

Textile programs

TRA proudly supports other programs that are on the same mission – to keep textiles out of landfill (and utilise wherever possible, second life cycle opportunities). We can support you in your initiative or develop a tailored solution. Together we can collectively reduce the impact of our environment.

TRAKS furnishing program

TRAKS furnishing program

TRA has partnered with the environmental organisation for the furniture and interiors market, Karie Soehardi Consultancy. TRAKS was formed to keep furnishing textiles and rugs out of landfill. Many well known Australian homewares brands have joined the mission, choosing community over competition, to solve this shared problem. The rug program is the first of its kind in Australia and TRAKS is currently researching solutions for New Zealand.

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Textile Recyclers Australia-Traks furnishing program

Compostable packaging. The ultimate green bag

Compostable packaging. The ultimate green bag

The plastic you do, when you’re not doing plastic. Made of cornstarch, these transport bags and satchels are built to break down. Giving TRA customers enough time to dispatch products from their suppliers, to warehouses and then out to their end clients. As single use plastics are banned in many regions of Australia we think it is just as important to keep packaging out of landfill as it is textiles.

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Textile Recyclers Australia-Compostable packaging

Textile innovation

Textile innovation

The textiles have been kept out of landfill, but what happens next? As textiles are pretty much everywhere it is important to have many usages. Research and development takes time, with lengthy testing before being of commercial value. However, it’s important.

TRA proudly and humbly works alongside the Smart@UNSW program to find opportunities within second life capabilities of textiles and is the exclusive supplier of textiles to the ‘green tile’.

Learn more about the Green Tile program.

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Textile Recyclers Australia-Textile innovation

Our partners

Leading Australian brands are committed to the upcycle movement.

Manufacturers, retailers, uniform providers, fashion brands, academia and universities.

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Textile Recyclers Australia has been engaging with the UNSW SMaRT cenre for nearly four years… the vision for advancing solutions for recycling wholly aligned with our own. Environmental science programs are critical to enabling Australia to find solutions onshore. Therefore pleased with our commitment to ongoing research.